Chloé Watts shares her story

Chloé Watts

Chloé Watts is a young woman with a business mindset and a strong interest in fashion. Along the way she gained a passion for coding. We interviewed her to hear her story and learn how she uses Magi Metrics to grow her business.

Tell us about your business.

chloédigital is the bridge between tech and fashion, finding development solutions for some of the biggest fashion bloggers.

How did you begin?

I started out by working as a developer at a digital agency and doing side projects. I thought that if you knew how to code, you just worked at an ad agency because I didn’t have anyone else to tell me different. I didn’t look like the other developers; I would go to events and people would be shocked to learn that I was. I found that I was good at explaining things to non-developers. chloédigital was actually my freelance name and I just started specializing in fashion bloggers as clients. Last December is when I really made it into a business and now we have a team of six people.

You mentioned that you are a developer. How did you first learn to code?

I really learned by trial and error. I would right click on a page to see the source code and use Dreamweaver at the time (now it's all about Sublime) to take things out and see what changes to really learn what the elements were. I became so passionate about coding because it is so cool to see it come to life.

What is your proudest achievement at chloédigital?

Being able to work with top bloggers and implementing things for them. The majority of our clients are in their early 20’s to early 30’s and I like that we are empowering them. It is also fantastic having a team to work with you towards a grand vision.

What is your current marketing strategy for chloédigital?

Our online marketing includes Instagram, Twitter and our blog. We wanted to create an Instagram that is strictly for style publishers that not only inspires, but educates them as well. People will usually tweet when they have an issue and it's easy for us to help them. We also repurpose our Instagram content on the platform. Our goal is to build our cool girl tech chic community and to help with sales. As our social media is so targeted, most are bloggers who we feel would be interested in our services.

Why did you seek out a social media analytics tool like Magi Metrics?

We realized that we needed something to help us understand our performance and optimize accordingly. With Magi Metrics, we could see how many followers the fashion bloggers who follow us had. Plus we could get details like their website address where we could find their email addresses so that we could contact them to offer early access or complimentary site consultations with our team according to their level of influence.

Magi Metrics gives us awesome insight into the dynamic of our Instagram following, which helps us understand what content to produce for each platform.