Fabio Molle shares his story

Fabio Molle

Fabio Molle started Funky Christmas Jumpers, selling Christmas jumpers online, in 2008. Today they ship to over 50 countries. We interviewed him to find out how he has grown his business using social media and Magi Metrics.

What is your current marketing strategy?

Our goal is to recruit mini influencers and celebrities who we can send our jumpers to. By increasing exposure and awareness throughout the world we can increase our sales.

Our current marketing strategy is based on a condensed 10 week targeted attack in the run-up to Christmas. We stay under the radar the other 42 weeks of the year. Talking about Christmas in the early months of the year can lose us followers on Facebook and Twitter. Funnily enough, Instagram has proved to be an exception to this rule.

How do you decide what content to share?

We like to mix it up our content on Instagram. Offer some behind the scenes fun, fan photos and other special treats. I really enjoy re-posting fan photos that we find using our hashtags. We find some great photos and they provide awesome content. I feel also it's a good idea to use well loved photos that you previously posted as new fans may not have seen them.

A couple wearing matching Elf Christmas jumpers.

Who do you want to follow your Instagram account?

We like to have a mix of influencers, brand fans, bloggers, Christmas jumpers lovers and Christmas lovers. I think you need a mix for it to work well. Its great to interact with the various groups.

What Magi Metrics features did you find useful?

We love collecting info on our followers and their followers, and dare I say it competitor's followers. Magi Metrics is the best at this, there is no other way I could get this information as quick as Magi Metrics can. Its helps find find great influencers that we can connect with.

What did you do with the data after you exported it?

We have an in-house formula which we apply to the Magi Metrics results. It gives us a list of relevant influencers that we can connect with. Once we connect to influencers and we achieve results this has a knock on effect and we get more influencers connecting with us organically.

A Instagram influencer wearing a Christmas jumper.

Has the data influenced your social media strategy?

Before Magi Metrics there was a lot of manual work but the data that Magi Metrics gives us now helps us to build bigger campaigns with more results. This had led to more brand exposure and awareness. I feel 2015 was only an introduction to using Magi Metrics. Later in 2016 we will run bigger campaigns with Magi Metrics and target more influencers and we really can’t wait to get working on it.