Julian Camarena shares his story

Julian Camarena

Julian Camarena is an American singer, songwriter, producer, musician, entrepreneur and performer. Needless to say, he has a lot on his plate. Read on to learn how he uses Magi Metrics to negotiate sponsorship deals.

What is your current marketing strategy?

My marketing is done primarily through social media; Twitter & Instagram are the main focus with Vine & YouTube following and more recently, Snapchat. Since I’ve established a decent size fan base and audience, a large portion of my marketing consists of content creation and activities that keep my audience engaged and gives them the ability to not only participate, but share my content as well. This is done either through content that they are highly likely to retweet or share (singing videos, quotes, etc.) or contests/giveaways.

I’ve also had the opportunity to work with a larger brands on their promotional marketing campaigns this past year, such as LG, AT&T, M&Ms and Aeropostale, which has provided some great cross promotional opportunities and additional exposure for myself.

How do you decide what content to put on Instagram?

First and foremost, I’m very careful to make sure that all the content that is posted on my Instagram is of high quality, with the occasional phone selfie here and there so that my content stands out on my followers’ newsfeed. I prefer to post content that leads way to engagement or conversation on the post or encourages my audience to tag their friends in the post or share the post.

Why did you seek out a social media analytics tool?

As one of the top social media influencers, I’m approached by brands on a consistent basis that are looking to market to my audience. I like to provide as much information as possible about my audience to these brands so that they can feel confident when deciding to partner up with me on their promotions or marketing campaigns.

What Magi Metrics features did you find most helpful?

One of the greatest features of Magi Metrics is being able to export your followers list, which contains great information to show exactly how active my audience is such as number of posts they have, date of last post, and how many accounts they follow (which can determine how visible my posts are to them). All the data I collect on my Instagram account, I make available to brands looking to market through my social media.

How has data from Magi Metrics influenced your social media marketing plan going forward?

Magi Metrics has given me the ability to feel confident when negotiating or partnering with brands as well as making them feel confident in knowing that their marketing budget is being put to good use. I’m able to keep my main focus on content creation and building my fan base on social media rather than data collection; I leave that up to Magi Metrics.