Frequently Asked Questions

For any Instagram account, you can export:

  • accounts who follow @example
  • accounts who @example follows
  • posts by @example
  • who likes @example's posts
  • who commented on @example's posts

User followers/followings User posts User likes/comments
UsernameCaptionPost caption
Full nameUsed hastagsPost hashtags
Profile picture URLHow many commentsID
BioHow many likesPost type (image/video)
WebsitePost type (image/video)Filter
Number of postsFilterLink to post
Number of people they followLinkPost latitude
Number of followersLatitudePost longitude
Date of last postLongitudePost location name
Average number of likes for last 30 postsLocation nameLiked/commented user's instagram ID
Last post latitude Username
Last post longitude Full name
Last post location name Profile picture URL
  Number of posts
  Number of people they follow
  Number of followers
  Comment date (for comments only)
  Comment ID (for comments only)
  Comment message (for comments only)

For any Instagram hashtag you can export:

  • the latest posts which used that
  • who liked the posts with the hashtag
  • who commented on the posts with the hashtag

Hashtag postsPost likes/comments
CaptionPost caption
How many commentsPost type (image/video)
How many likesFilter
Post type (image/video)Post latitude
FilterPost longitude
LinkPost location name
LatitudeImage URL
LongitudeLiked/commented user's instagram ID
Location nameUsername
Image URLFull name
User IDProfile picture URL
Full nameWebsite
Profile picture URLNumber of posts
BioNumber of people they follow
WebsiteNumber of followers
Number of postsDate of last post
Number of people they followAverage number of likes for last 30 posts
Number of followersComment date (for comments only)
Date of last postComment ID (for comments only)
Average number of likes for last 30 postsComment message (for comments only)

For any location you can export:

  • the latest posts done in that location

Location posts
How many comments
How many likes
Post type (image/video)
Location name
Image URL
User ID
Full name
Profile picture URL
Number of posts
Number of people they follow
Number of followers
Date of last post
Average number of likes for last 30 posts
Yes, as long as they have not set their account to Private, you can export anyone's Instagram account.
The free trial lasts forever. You can do unlimited exports, but each export is limited to 100 rows. We provide the free trial so you can check how Magi Metrics works and does what you want, before purchasing. Start free trial
Instagram keeps this information private for privacy reasons. However, some users choose to put their contact information in their Bio. Magi Metrics will be able to extract this.

Need help extracting emails from bio? Just ask us for a simple to use formula.
We will give you a CSV file, which can be opened by any spreadsheet program including Microsoft Excel. So you have full control over how you use and analyse the data.
Download a sample file
You can use the data to grow your business. Instagram has 400 million active users, which is a huge business opportunity. You can use the data in several ways:
  • Find the key influencers to promote your company or campaign
  • Get insights to your competitor
  • Analyse your followers to help you provide better content
  • Backup Instagram followers
You can cancel at any time for free. If for any reason you're not satisfied, in the vast majority of cases, we will give you a full refund. We like to keep our customers happy.
It's not possible to transfer instagram followers from one account to another. If you're looking to get more followers then you can read some of our articles:

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