How to Follow People to Grow Your Instagram Followers

Jennifer By Jennifer Everett

On Instagram, you don't just want likes - you want to accumulate an audience by growing your followers. There are several ways to achieve this. In this article, we will talk about one very simple, but powerful technique. If you follow people on Instagram, they will often follow you back.

Who Should You Follow?

First, take a look at who you are already following. You should be following some of your competitors to see what they are posting and what their activity is like compared to yours. Choose one of them that you really like and click on their followers. This is important because you already know that these Instagram users are interested in your product or industry. Follow as many of their followers as you can - you can also use an application that will do this for you such as Crowdfire. Pro Tip: Pay attention to their name or even emojis that they have in their bio to see if they would truly be interested - no need to follow anyone that is too young or the wrong gender.

What Happens Next?

Some of these Instagram users will follow you back and some of them won't. Give them at least two days to look at their new follower and decide if they want to stay in touch with you or not. After two days, you can use Crowdfire to unfollow your non-followers (people that are not following you). Once you do this, choose another competitor, copy their followers and wait another two days. This procedure would be best performed every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning so that you have three chances to grab people's attention - either at their lunch break, on their way home from work or as they are settling in for the night.

Instagram users will follow you and some will decide to unfollow you after some time. Don't be offended by this - it probably means that they are not in your target audience. However, there will still be a substantial number of Instagram users that will become committed and loyal followers.

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