How to Increase your Instagram Followers by using Hashtags

Jennifer By Jennifer Everett

It is easy to use hashtags on Instagram to increase your number of followers, if you use the right strategy. Think about who your top or most frequent buyers are. Write down their gender, age and recollect any other clues about their interests that you may have come across – maybe from email addresses or the language that they have used conversing in emails.

You may have realized that there have been some trends in your buyers. You discover that your buyers are mostly females between the ages of 18 to 26 – that is your Instagram target audience. You may not fit into this category yourself, but you can easily find Instagram users that do. There are two tactics to find and gain followers – through hashtags and copying followers.

First, you are going to think beyond your current hashtag that you have in mind. There are numerous websites that will tell you popular and trending hashtags, but I prefer to use On this website, you can type in your current hashtag and they will tell you the top 10 hashtags related to it. What do you do with them? Use all of the hashtags on your next photo and I encourage you to add more by searching for another hashtag. As people find you through those hashtags, you are going to click on the hashtags to find people that fit your target audience by gender, age and interest.

As you find people, you will find some Instagram users with a large number of followers that post regularly. For your second step, you are going to click on their followers list and follow each of their followers that fit into your target audience as well. You usually don’t need to go to someone’s account to see if they would be interested – you can usually tell by their name or description so it will not consume a lot of time. If you can, click on one of their photos that displays an item that is similar to what you are selling and follow all of the users that liked it. That way you know that you are following people that either fit into your target audience or are interested in your items.

As you follow Instagram users, they will be curious and look at your page. Once they see your items on your page and decide that they are interested, they will follow you back so that they will know when you have new items for sale. Whoever follows you, follow them back – each of them is a potential customer. Encourage your buyers to post their new items on their Instagram account so that you can “re-gram” their photos or post them on your own account. This can be down with applications such as Repost or Instagram.

Increasing your Instagram followers is within your control. You can do it as long as you pay attention to who your target audience is and what hashtags they are using. One more fantastic resource that you can use is our hashtag analysis feature, which gives you very detailed data on who is posting on which hashtags. You can use it to discover which hashtags are relevant for your target audience. Sign up for the free trial today.

Ready, set, hashtag!